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Can we know any details of any real troubleshooting, problem re-creation, etc. – what has been tried or ruled out or ??? – and if we can expect an H9 Control App update sooner rather than later to address the problems of what seems to be, a growing number of users? Please may we hear from Eventide next ?

I asked one of our testers to try to reproduce the problems mentioned in this forum thread on Windows 10, and he wasn't able to do so.

So, I've been working all week on integrating a crash submission system into the Windows version of H9 Control.  It's been going pretty well.  We'll likely have a new build of H9 Control at the end of this week / beginning of next week.  The build will have an integrated crash submission system.  But of course we'll still need to look at and try to fix the issues mentioned in this thread once we have some crash dumps in hand.

20161213 hello again from Dave, the auto corrector really, really messed up my last post, so please read the CORRECTED VERSION here, and ignore the previous one. Thank you!!!

Hello and thank you for this.

I assume then that your technician, was able to back up to the H9 Control app, successfully, from an H9, or a Space, with no errors or problems. As Rory and I were unable to.

May we please have the details on how this was done? STEP by step, please, because I would really, really like to back up my devices.

I am able to “reproduce” my failures in Windows 10 over and over and over again. Even on different days. I bet if we get the step by step of a successful backup from your technician, that when we try it – it will fail. Because I am sure we are doing it correctly, these are hard, clear failures that should be easy to reproduce.

One problem may be the machine you are testing on. Often, test machines at manufacturers have been so heavily tweaked over time, that apparently buggy software will run fine in the shop, but will fail on the average user’s computer.

So please try it on a non-Eventide machine, at someone’s house or something – I am really so surprised to hear that you could not reproduce the error…because it fails the same way every time for me. Every time.

Can we try again? And also, I know I would prefer if the concentration of effort was on fixing the problems in this thread, and that the addition of the crash dump info is not really a priority for me, – the customers are. Solve the customer problems first, and then do the crash dump stuff. I think Rory might agree with that. I certainly do.

We are the customers, and we have a small fortune invested in these devices, and we have nowhere else to turn for help, we have to find a solution…so if it were me, I would concentrate on sorting out Rory’s and pureambients’ issues, and yes, I know that the crash dump might help with this, I am just trying to keep the focus on the customers….

I’m dead in the water, I am down one H9, but it’s the one that is my preamp emulator, so the other two are useless without it.

When it does eventually come back, I need to be able to back it up – I really need to back all five devices, sooner rather than later, and I am quite sure that Rory, and several others, are feeling equally frustrated. When you’ve spent hours and days creating custom sounds, you do NOT want the backup on your rather fragile tablet, to be the ONLY backup!!

So, to be really clear…I try to back up either of my working H9s: they both fail instantly, with 1 to 2 seconds gap before they crash.

I try to back up the Space, and it tries, it processes the first 44 voices and then stops at the 45th, every time. Like clockwork.

So I am very surprised that your tech couldn’t recreate this. I’ve got two H9s, that both fail in exactly the same spectacular fashion when a back up is attempted. That fact, could not be a clearer “smoking gun” pointed right at the heart of the H9 Control app!!! It’s clear to me at least, that when two different serial number H9s fail so perfectly on demand, 1 to 2 seconds after pushing the button…that the H9 Control app has some issues and it IS the issue.

If it were the H9 pedals, they would react differently….one would back up, one wouldn’t. But it’s not like that. The two H9s behave in exactly the same fashion – the app crashes at the same instant every time, over and over.

To me, the strangest thing of all, is that my PitchFactor DID back up OK, first time, no issues.

I wish I could say the same for the H9s and the Space.

May I suggest trying again, to please try to recreate my exact failure? There is nothing unusual about my H9s. Just take two H9s, and try to back them up, one by one, to the H9 Control App running on a Windows 10 PC, preferably, an “offline” non-Eventide Shop machine…I really want you to experience this failure, so you can a) feel how alarming it is and b) get tangible clues as to what might cause SUCH a quick rejection of the H9 pedals.

Or my Space.

Thank you for re-reading this corrected version.

In haste,

Please see what you can do – and thank you.

Dave at pureambient (again)