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gkellum wrote:

Version 2.7.9 of H9 Control is now available for download from the Support / Downloads section of the website.  It has the aforementioned fix for saving preset lists off of a stompbox as well as a new feature that uploads crash dumps to the cloud if H9 Control crashes.

This is great news, thank you for your persistence.

One question, just so I am clear – this fix will mean that the H9 Control App will tolerate special or illegal characters, or do we still need to purge any such characters from our H9s etc???

And if the answer is that we must remove special characters, how do we deal with Factory Presets that I believe,, can’t be renamed by us mere mortals – I think that I am not empowered to change the name of “Size*Matters” – if you see what I mean.

I hope the answer is that the app will either ignore special characters or replace them with acceptable characters so if it finds an asterisk, for example, one action could be to turn every asterisk into a hyphen.

Please let us know…

And thank you again for this new version.