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rmanulkin wrote:

I have found a post where an Eventide respondent suggested that the H9 could be modified to provide power out from the MIDI input with a bit of soldering.  I haven’t been able to find details about this, and I would like to make this mod to my device.

Does anyone have the information on how to achieve this?

Hi Richard,

You can achieve this without opening and mod. the H9! You have to mod. the midi plug which goes into to H9 midi out by connecting pin 2 (the centre pin) to the metal outer part of the midi plug so that when it’s connected to the H9 midi out it is connecting pin 2 to the metal ring around the H9 midi out. This way you have power over midi without opening the H9. See the attached two pictures.

This mod goes best if you solder a new midi plug onto your midi cable if it can’t be opened. It is very easy to do with a “Switchcraft 05DL5MX DIN 5Pin Right Angle Inline Male Plug MIDI”. With this connector you can make a connection to the metal plug part very easy by connecting pin 2 to the solder pin in the centre of the plug.