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Add me to the list of users that would appreciate a chromatic mode for MIDI keyboard input. While scale mode can be worked around while doing processing after the fact, when I am using Octavox by triggering notes via MIDI in a live performance, there is really no need to be bound by a scale at all.

There are definitely times where I may want to modulate from minor to a major, add a major 7th when playing in natural minor, or even just throw in a chromatic phrase like a blue note. Because I am not really thinking in terms of set scales when performing live, in the heat of the moment I sometimes go for an out of scale note resulting in silence. It is definitely very limiting for live performance use.

tlongabaugh wrote:
Chick Sangria wrote:

Hi there,

after trying the demo I am thinking about purchasing Octavox, it sounds impressive and really works fine as a live performance tool. A chromatic mode for live MIDI control would be a must for me, though. Scale modes are nice, but also limiting. How likely is it that you are going to implement this feature in the near future?


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Hi Chick-

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to implement a chromatic mode in the near future, though I won't rule out the possibility that it could happen at some point, in this or a similar product.



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