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Thanks for the reply. I did see the previous thread.

However my situation is much like that of the final poster in the thread. I am using the H9 as a device that will be moving around a small studio set up and the power supply that it comes from is deep under a desk and has computers and hard disks hanging off it, niether oif which are going to be happy being power cycled at source each time i want to move the H9 or take it in and out of the current set up. It is not a situation like having the H9 on a pedal board that is going to be switched on and off as a unit.

Since the only other obvious solution is pulling the power plug in and out of the unit, it seemed to me that addding an inline swith (like that one above) was rather a smart way of avoiding the physical wear and tear and the power spikes that would come with pulling the barrel connector in and out.

What I was hoping to discover was if the the connector I found with it’s barrel described as 2.5/5/5 mm was likely to fit the H9?