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Thanks very much for those settings…I’ll definitely try them. I have an H9 Core so I’ll probably have to buy some more algos from the Space in order to try these.

I’m a totally ignorant newbie when it comes to pedals in general much less the Eventide products and wet-dry or wet-dry-wet setups. I have a ’65 Fender Super Reverb that I’m trying to figure out how to use for a wet signal and my main sound comes from a 2×12 Marshall with a PPIMV Mod 5 modification done by the late Mark “Rockstah” Abrahamian. I also have a David Bray Line-Out box which lets me run a line level signal to another amp. I’m thinking I could run my H9 between the Bray Line-Out box and the Super Reverb to use it as a wet amp.

Thanks very much again for these settings…I’ll see if I can get them going and get a wet-dry thing going. I know it is really impossible to match the Sunset Sound stereo reverb, but I’ll give it a shot! I’m also using a short slap-back from an MXR Echoplex delay in front of the amp and I know that is a big part of the delay/reverb heard on the album.

Chasing these sounds is a fool’s errand, but here I go anyway!