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Thanks very much for those settings again…and I went ahead and bought the ‘Room’ algo today. I noticed that I had to turn off the pre-delay on the H9 as you said with my MXR Echoplex! Having the Echoplex in front of the amp is extremely important…I’ll try going through the manual and set up my H9 to run a wet signal to my Super Reverb using the settings you just sent. I think having at least a wet-dry setup is key to making this work halfway convincingly…you can do it in one amp, but you have to dial the Mix way back. The reverb overwhelms at a higher mix level and it gets lost at a lower mix. I’m hoping having a seperate amp will help to emulate the post production stereo reverb going while letting the core dry tone still shine through along with the echo from the MXR Echoplex in front of the Marshall.

Really cool stuff to try! I really appreciate the help…this technology overwhelms me and I have found it tough to make it useable, but with your help I feel like I’m gaining ground!

Here is a pic of what I’m using at the moment for this setup: