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I was running into this exact issue yesterday with the 5.4.0 software a single H9 connected to Ableton Live via USB midi. 

I was trying to send clock to the H9 from Live along with program change messages on clips in Arrangement view. It worked fine for PGM 01-12 or so. Then I jumped ahead and tried PGM 97 and 99. For some reason those show up as NO ALG. Anyway, after hitting that NO ALG message, the unit would make quiet thunking noises and I would need to unplug and plug it in again to get everything working properly.

That said, today I’m unable to reproduce. If I hit NO ALG, I can switch to a valid preset and everything is fine. 

I *think* I fixed it by sending PGM changes to the H9 *without* also sending midi clock. After I confirmed that worked, I turned the clock back on and everything is stable.

If you’re running into this issue and you’re sending clock, try turning the clock source off. I was using the H9 feature to stabilize the clock too FWIW. 

I’m getting NO ALG because I only have 25 presets. I’ve got a core and a max and this is the core. I *thought* that was upgraded due to my MAX purchase, but maybe it needs to be tethered? I hope not. That would suck.