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I can think of a half-dozen things that it might be, but let’s start with the simplest one first.  It sounds like you have the Routing thing down: Global setup first. Then the Wet / Dry options become available (per-preset) under the H9 Control “More” dropdown.  If – for example – you’re using my Room preset above, I posted that before we started discussing a Wet / Dry routing.  Try this one instead:

This is what I meant by “You’ll still have to … adjust the MIX levels …”  I have MIX pegged at 100% here.  If you have a decent amount of delay time on the Echoplex, you should get a nice ‘bounce’ from right to left [Marshall to Fender / Dry to Wet].  -Or-  H9’s PRE DELAY parameter can also get you that “Whole Lotta’ Love” spatial effect.

You can adjust the wet signal / dry signal balance on the two amps themselves, or with the Output Level control in the H9.  I boosted this reverb-only preset here by 6 dB, as an example.  Use the H9 Control Input Gain and Level Meters.  They help out a lot in gain-staging effects.  Note that this screenshot has the expression pedal mapping at the Toe position; in case you’re wondering why the REFLECTION parameter shows a different value.

If it’s not preset MIX position, then there are a few other options to consider.  I did program these presets to be rather bright & bouncy.  Perhaps a bit too much.   I understand that Sunset Sound was a converted mechanic’s garage, and the upstairs reverb chamber was imperfect enough to sound just perfect.