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From the manual:

Diatonic pitch shifters track the notes that you’re playing and shift the pitch by the selected

harmonic interval based on the Key and Scale that you’ve selected.

Diatonic Shifter features twin independently-controlled pitch changers (A & B) with independent

delays and feedback. Diatonic tracks the notes that you’re playing and automatically adjusts the

amount of pitch shift so that the resultant note is in-key. Use the PitchA/B control knobs to set each

pitch interval. Use the Control Knobs to select the key, scale and interval.


Quadravox is similar to Diatonic but delivers up to four pitch shifted voices (A, B, C, D) instead of

two. You can select the interval of each voice independently. You can also turn OFF any of the

H9 Algorithm Guide PitchFactor Algorithms voices.