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Let’s go back to square one, and make sure that you’re configured correctly.

  • Are you seeing WET 1 DRY 2 in the preset’s upper right corner (like the Sunset VH1 Plate image – Post #4)?
  • Have you saved the preset after configuring the Wet / Dry routing (admittedly, a long shot diagnostic)?
  • Are you seeing anything in the upper-right corner of the preset (“WET 1 DRY 2”; “WET 2 DRY 1”; or “STEREO”)?

To review the process step-by-step, first there’s a global setting – enabling the function across the H9 pedal itself.

  • In the H9 Control app:  PEDAL -> GENERAL SETTINGS -> ROUTING -> WET / DRY
  • — OR —
  • On the H9 Core itself:  Press big encoder + right footswitch -> UTILS ->  ROUTE -> WET.DRY 

Then configure the preset:

  • In the H9 Control app:  Upper-right MORE dropdown -> Routing – then select “Wet 2 Dry 1”, “WET 1 Dry 2”, or “STEREO”
  • — OR —
  • On the H9 Core itself:  Press & hold left footswitch -> click big encoder to ROUTE -> turn to “WET 1”, “WET 2”, or “STEREO”

Overwrite the preset, or create different iterations of presets after every major change.  Let me know if we’re getting any closer.  This should be working like you expect it to – completely separate wet and dry signals.