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floresp640 wrote:
garbeaj wrote:
Yep, I’m on the Wet 1/Dry 2 setting… I always have a guitar sound no matter what I do. I’ve tried “Kill Dry”, “Global”, etc. and I still always have the clean fundamental guitar in the Wet channel. I’ve never been able to get the reverb by itself without the clean original guitar sound in it. The guitar sound gets REALLY loud when I pick harder too. Am I correct in assuming that the Wet signal SHOULD have nothing but reverb and NO original guitar sound in the Wet signal AT ALL? It just seems like Wet should have the effect only and the Dry should be the guitar sound.

Hey! When the pedal is in Wet Dry, it is natural to have some dry attack still left. This should be more present if you adjust the predelay where the whole signal should be delayed. So unless its configured in the algorithm, you should still have a very small amount of the dry attack left. 

I’ve tried it with some pre-delay and with no pre-delay. The original dry signal is coming with the reverb and it is LOUD! It shouldn’t be there AT ALL as far as I understand…otherwise, what would be the purpose for having a 100% wet setting and a dedicated wet output? Maybe I just fundamentally don’t understand how wet signals work?