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eanhernandez wrote:


I want to get a pitchfactor, I think.  I want to use it to get a an H949 like harmonizer sound: pitch A up just a bit, and pitch B down just a bit, I’m looking for a harsh “chorus” effect like a lot of early Husker Du records had.  However, I also need a digital delay, one that I can set the wet signal to by the milisecond (I like 20 ms).  So here is my question:

Can I…

1. run a mono (guitar) signal into the pedal

2. modfiy pitch A and B as noted above

3. delay the combined A+B signal

4. also get a dry “pass through” signal out at the same time

The net effect would be that the original signal would be split into two: with one side getting the harmonizing and delay, and the other side remaining unchanged.


Thanks in advance!!!




You can set the pedal to work in dry/wet output fashion.
This way one output will carry the dry signal and the other output the wet signal.
Now, the wet signal consiste of 2 pitchshifted delay lines.
You can set each one independently from zero to 2000 milisecs IIRC. Also you can set the pitch of each one independently, from zero pitch shifting to +/- three octaves or something like that.
Then you can Feedback so if you shift one line by +6 cents, the first repeat is shifted effectively by +6 cents, next repeat is shifted by +12, next by +18 and so on.
I can’t remember right now whether the feedback is common or independent for each pitch shifted delay line, but I think it is independent.
You can also select what sub-algorithm is to be used: 910, 949, 949 MkII, or modern.
Modern is the less glitchy for big intervals like sevenths or octaves, and the others are “warmer” for chorusing and flange like effects.

Then there’s the MicroPitch effect, that adds modulation to the micro pitch shifting, crossed feedback path (wich leads to spectacular ambience FX when using the 2 pitch shifters in a left/right fashion) and hi or low cut filter. But the feedback knob is shared by the two delay lines and it’s dedicated to MicroPitch, not big intervals.

Come to think about it, you can also use the HarModulator effect, wich is similar to MicroPitch but each repeat in the feedback path of the delay doesn’t get pitch shifted again. So if you set it to +6 cents, all the repeats (even if you max the feedback out) will sound pitch shifted by +6 cents.
The nice thing with HarModulator is that it combines pitch shifts as big as +/- 2 or 3 octaves (can’t remember exactly) with modulation of the pitch interval. So you can add vibrato to the pitch shifted delayed voices or even get them to shift by various octaves in a cyclical fashion (selecting an square wave as modulation source works great).