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The issue must be my lack of understanding how digital reverb works in general. The problem is that I don’t care whether the dry signal is getting pre-delay. It is, but I don’t care about that.

The problem is that I don’t want any of the original signal in the Wet output, I only want the reverb. So therein lies the rub.

I guess there’s no way to get reverb only in one amp of a two amp setup. I have tried using my line out box that takes the distorted amp sound from the speaker output and connecting the H9 between in at the input of my Super Reverb with the wet output going into it. At least if I’m stuck with dry guitar sound going along with the reverb it doesn’t sound like a clean rockabilly guitar player in the wet amp.

It sort’ve works, but it is a completely different sound from having reverb on the whole guitar sound. Maybe I need to mic the speaker of the main amp (Marshall) and run that into a mixer and connect the H9 into the mixer somehow and then somehow get the reverb only sound from the mixer to the other amp (Super Reverb)? I don’t know…I guess it’s not possible to isolate only the reverb.

I guess that’s why records with reverb on the entire guitar sound end up sounding great and no one pulls this type of reverb sound off live. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult, but I suppose I’m asking for the impossible.