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I had a similar problem too. The reason was a wrong midi device connected to the H9 Control. It crashed on very start.

Please try the following:

Sorry if these are not exactly the same names due to translation from German Windows version. 

Go to your personal users application folder like x:usersjohn_doeappdataroaming and look for the folder “H9 Control”

Inside is a file “h9_settings.properties”

Open it with an editor. It is a simple text file, so do not open it with word or another bulky program. Use the windows editor.

There are three entries regarding the control ports in the upper 10 lines or so..

They looked like this.


ManuallyConnectedCOMPorts = ;

ManuallyConnectedDevices = Lemur MIDI 4 From:Lemur MIDI 4 To;

MidiDevice = Lemur MIDI 3 From


I deleted the devices and at the end it looks like this for this three rows:

ManuallyConnectedCOMPorts = 

ManuallyConnectedDevices = 

MidiDevice = 



You can even delete  the file “h9_settings.properties” but then you have to register again at eventide.