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Hello I was looking for another answer and this topic jumped out at me. After being bowled over by the sonic adventures of Vai & Satriani in my youth, any version of an H3000 was a distant dream. Many moons later when the factor units emerged I was incredibly excited and rushed to my local music store to try them out. Although still amazing I didn’t find them that user friendly and quickly realized that they needed some dedicated time to fully receive the benfits within….Especially the Harmonizer.

Then the GOB SMACKING, THUNDER PUNCHING, AWE INSPIRING H9 landed!!! ….and I finally managed to save up for one.

It is just simply incredible!             The Quality & Variety are second to none. 

I have to say that one of the deciding factors for me to bite the bullet has been this excellent website. The way the algorithms are laid out to be viewed and demoed has been the main selling point. This has masterfully been evolved with H9 Control. The day I got mine and hooked it up to windows….hours went by with the multitude of possibilities. So much fun moving between sounds and patches my only regret had been of not buying one sooner. I teach over 100 students a week aswell as gig and have been showing it off at any opportunity always to a jaw dropping reception. All I ask is would it be too much for a little extra effort in pushing for the ANDROID Version of H9 Control as in my tiny circle of muso mates 99% don’t do Apple!

Thank you in advance….and for this gem of a pedal.