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dedeman wrote:

How are you using KB – knob parameter controls – in your midi environment? I am trying to grasp more sense on what can be midi controlled on H9 and how can be useful for me in my setup. Are you using these KB0~KB9 with more expression pedals over midi?

One thing I’ve done is set up a template on a Novation MIDI keyboard to control each knob. I don’t envision ever using it during a show but it’s very handy when I’m tweaking presets. I guess it’s the tactile thing of actually turning a knob. I’ve also played around a little with a plugin I’ve written for Reaper. It let’s you control the H9 from within the DAW. You certainly could use an expression pedal to control a specific knob CC but I think it might get a bit tedious. Of course, one man’s tedium is another man’s amusement.