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Ytolyccuz wrote:


I would like to know if it’s possible to replicate closely all the delay engines found in the timeline. One engine I’m particularly interested is the Pattern Delay algorithm.

Thanks in advance!

I have both so I’m somewhat familiar with the sounds and options. Not sure about the patterns and some of the other specialty stuff.
In general pretty sure you can come close – however I still find that the Timeline is one of the better delays out there that’s why I combine those two effects for my “B rig”. I prefer a TC G-Force in my main rack so that might help understand where I’m coming from with this. Obviously, Eventide is one of the best regarded makers of effects for a reason and that includes delays. The H9 max is an amazing tool in that it gives you access to some of their greatest effects in a small and relative affordable package.
The Timeline on the other hand is a specialized device. If you’re into delays like I am I think it’s the best small unit out there that comes close enough to a TC 2290.
Both require putting in some time and effort for good results.