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Ryan Harris
nickrose wrote:

gboland wrote:

The manual says I have to set pre and post in each preset.  is it possible to change this with Midi?  i.e. if using a preset can I send a midi message to change the pre/post setting without changing the preset?

Sorry – not at present. The routing is a feature of the preset.

I have all of the factor pedals (plus an additional timefactor) and use them on a table in a live setting. I would like to also be able to toggle the preset between pre and post via MIDI because it is cumbersome to do so manually on-the-fly. Per the manual:

When in PRE/POST mode, you can pick from the above options:

1) Press and hold the Left Footswitch. The display will show the Output Level.

2) Press the Encoder until the display shows PRE (default) or POST.

3) Turn the Encoder to set it as desired.

4) Release the Footswitch – the Preset will return to its previous Active or Bypassed state.

5) Remember to save the preset, or the change will be lost.

I think a CC would be the best way to do this. It wouldn’t impact the current functionality because the preset could still store the initial routing value. Could you possibly discuss with a developer to have it added to the feature request list?