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i’m so glad that i’m not the only hearing this. i’ve always thought the high end sounds very hyped (although it could be a lack of fullness in the low end as well) when i compare the tape echos from the H9 to the Timefactor, the difference is pretty obvious. i thought it was somekind of algorhythm, but i’m sad if it’s hardware based.i was so confused that i took the H9 and set up a reverb then just listened to it against an ancient Lexicon LXP and PCM70 reverb. the lexicons are much much fuller and warmer. I’m wondering if Eventide might be willing to look at what is causing what i percieve as a hyped high end, almost brittle, texture to the H9. i was hoping to be able to either replace the PCM70, timefactor etc (or at least switch between them, but the difference is pretty stark. i can set the amps up to sound good with the H9, but then they sound weird with everything else. I like the functionality of the pedal, but with the exception of the gimmicky stuff where i don’t mind it (crystals, etc), i’m finding it challenging to get a solid, warmish tone from the pedal