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gboland wrote:

What do I have to do in the MAC midi setup anfter plugging H9 into my MIDI port?

Do I need to have midi in and out connected to MAC?

If you look in the menubar at the top of the screen when H9 Control is in the foreground and click on Devices, there's a menu item labelled 'Connect device via MIDI'.  Also when H9 Control first opens if you click the 'Manually select device' button in the opening dialog it will give you the option to connect via MIDI.  

You will need to have MIDI in and out connected for everything to work.

It would be worth looking into why you're having trouble connecting via Bluetooth though from your Mac.  There are a couple of basic things you could try that maybe you didn't know about.  For example if you click the X, Y, and Z buttons simultaneously, that toggles Bluetooth off and on.  If you were connected to another device like your iPad, you wouldn't be able to connect to your H9s from your Mac unless you first turned Bluetooth off and then on again to break the connection to the iPad.  

Another thing I do when I run into pairing problems is reset my H9s system settings.  You do this by turning the H9 on with the right footswitch and the HotKnob switch pressed (the switch in the H9's upper left hand corner).  This will clear the H9s system settings but won't affect its presets.

There are other tips in the H9 Control manual: