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actioncamp wrote:
jb4674 wrote:

I want to do away with MIDI altogether.  The expoxy idea is not bad but, I want to have a super low-profile connector and no one in the guitar effect business seems to understand that MIDI needs to disappear for good.  We have so many options these days and with lower profile connectors.  I love my Factor pedals and everything Eventide makes but, MIDI is like stepping back in time.

What say you Eventide dudes?  Could we collaborate on a mod solution so you guys could market it, sell it and kill MIDI all at once?

i would argue most users of gear, especially those of us that sync tempos with keys/spds pads still use it for everything. how would adding a 2nd usb port to a device be stepping into the future? the h9’s are already bluetooth switcheable in addition to midi and a smaller profile than the factor pedals so i’m not sure what jump forward you are imagining happen. you can’t really get mad that you bought a pedal you got a ton of use out of then something new and improved came out and you are “stuck with it”. it doesn’t do any more or less than what you desired when you decided to buy it. that’s the nature of technology. the only alternate port is whatever it is chase bliss did to make a combo midi or tap tempo port on a 1/4 jack which, if you know how midi trasmits. the last thing you want is your pin contacts to be able to spin 360 in the port because it could potentially misfire information.

I think you’re missing my point.  I’m not mad, nor am I trying to bring the pedals forward in terms of features.  All I’m trying to do is use a lower profile connector that protrudes out very little, if any.  The low-profile midi connectors that are made are still clunky and big.

Additionally, you must not have read my post because I said you could still put a midi connector on the other end of the cable and communicate with any midi device.