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So – I am stymied, I think.

I have done some testing, and it looks like all of the info that the H9 sends to the H9 Control app (especially KNOB POSITION!) is sent via some non-MIDI communication protocol. 

I can capture it via USB.. but I am unsure if I will be able/willing to translate it into actual midi, short of total brute force.. which I dont wanna 🙂

I will now look into relative knob position data:


Eventide Guys- Maybe you can help?

I, as noted, am using an arturia Beatstep with infinite knobs.

I have 4 options of how to set up these knobs. 1 Absolute, and 3 “Relative”.

My goal? To use the “relative” setting to make the thing simply +1 or -1 whatever parameter it is set to.

My plan?– use a Linux utility to TRANSLATE whatever signal I am sending into something that will make it happen.

My question: Is there a midi value that will increment and decrement a parameter value? I can’t use cc 96/97. I think it has to happen on the H9 side. Possible? Impossible? Maybe allready cooked in? Like.. if I send a 128 what happens? (I dont know how to do that.)