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Adding to Greg’s reply above:

Chalky wrote:

… Oh, and while i’m at it, the ‘dive’ I am looking for needs to last more than the 2 seconds afforded by the PitchFlex algo, is there another also that might offer this? …

You *could* go with an expression pedal, and control the sweep time manually.  I believe that you can plug one into your Barn3 (3rd Aux switch input).  It’s not a particularly smooth or easy option.  That has as much to do with the ear’s sensitivity to pitch changes, as it does expression pedal resolution & throw travel.

A smaller pitch interval – 2 or 4 semitones – is more controllable than, say, sweeping an octave or two.  (You effectively get a finer sweep resolution – for a given pedal throw – over a shorter distance between pitches.)  The same can be said for pitch shifting with an expression pedal using any of the appropriate algorithms.

Something to try with your Aux switch:  Use a negative SHAPE value, and double your intended pitch destination.  For example, if you want to dive down -1oct, set the TOE A/B values down to -2oct.  The negative SHAPE will ‘curve’ the pitch shift; slowing it down for the 1st portion of the sweep.  Again, it’d be difficult to ‘nail’ the exact -1oct down point.  But it will audibly ‘extend’ the 2.00S limits on the GLISS parameters.

Here’s a little more info about the SHAPE parameter:  https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/29495#comment-29495