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st.bede wrote:

Any ideas about what I am doinng wrong?

Sorry I didn't answer your earlier post.  I must have overlooked it.

You can't currently drag and drop a *.tide file onto H9 Control.  It's expecting *.h9z files to be dragged and dropped onto it.  When you say you're trying to do this with one of Brock's PF presets, where did you get this file from?  Could you post a link?  Our own preset sharing service for example should give you .h9z files.  I could ask someone here to convert those presets to h9z files and post them to our own preset sharing service…

You could move a *.tide file directly into H9 Control's settings directory, and it will use it, but those directories are hidden on Mac and Windows by the OS, which makes it a bit of a pain.