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H9 Firmware H9_4.8.0 was the last version that handled midi data without hickups. You could send PC’s to it, set three or more parameters values to a different value, for example mix, decay and feedback at the same time and all was handled ok, including setting the expression pedal by midi messages.

Starting from firmware H9_5.0.1 the H9 has problems handling midi data received from an external device. You can not send PC’s and set several parameters at the same time anymore. A PC and a CC to enable/disable the H9 is handled, but nothing more. It seems that they cut down the midi processing time a lot and the midi behaviour is flawed ever since. I have mentioned this several times to Eventide, but it has not improved very much. If it was not for the newer algo’s I would put back version H9_4.8.0 right away.

Please Eventide: make the H9 a worthy midi pedal again as it was with firmware H9_4.8.0.