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I want to ressurect this topic in hopes that I can get this working. It looks as though the latest version of the H9 Control app now supports incoming MIDI commands to be sent via Bluetooth to the H9 unit, which I was very happy to discover.

I’m using an app called Bandhelper to control my H9 pedals via MIDI. I typically use a hard wired MIDI adaptor from my iPad to the MIDI input of the H9 pedals. I want to be able to do this wirelessly via Bluetooth. I configure the Bandhelper app to start a MIDI connection called ‘Network Session 1’. I then configure the H9 control app to listen for MIDI commands on this Network Session 1 port. The way I think it should work, is that any MIDI commands received by H9 Control (from Bandhelper) should be passed through to the H9 pedal. 

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get this to work. What am I missing? Perhaps I am misunderstanding how this functionality is supposed to work, so I’m looking for some clarity/guidance. 

Thanks in advance