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I can understand not wanting to invest the resources to support a platform that isn’t in widespread use, but 99.5% of all phones shipped today run either Android or IOS, and of those two, 81.7% run Android and 17.9% run IOS. That’s not a small disparity by any stretch of the imagination, and we’re talking about 432 million units (not counting tablets and desktops) in the last quarter alone. I don’t want to call IOS trivial or insignificant because it certainly is not, but Android users outnumber IOS users by 4:1. That’s huge. Yet, you support IOS while the vast majority of the market is using Android. I don’t understand. What’s even more strange is that Android development tools are largely open-source, as is the OS itself, and will run on the common hardware platforms you use to develop code for IOS/Windows, which means there’s not even a financial investment that needs to be made like there is for IOS and Windows development.

For the level of complexity of Eventide’s devices, the obvious talent in the organization, and the price you charge for the gear, one would almost have to assume the most popular hardware/software platforms extant among users would be supported, and yet it’s not. Nobody’s asking for unwritten features. Clearly, the code’s been written since it exists for IOS. So, if nothing else, you could hire some contractors for a few months and just port what you’ve already written.

Is there any plausible answer for why it hasn’t? It’s ok if you wanna admit Apple is writing drivers for you free of charge – lord knows they and Microsoft have been doing that for years for other hardware manufacturers – and you don’t want to invest the time/money in writing your own stuff. But, at least tell us that, instead of pretending there’s some sort of insurmountable obstacle involved with using the most transparent OS in the world where they’ll even give you the source code and development tools for it for free.