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mad6stringer wrote:
… the 8 parallel modulated delay algorithm added to the H9 …

You know, I really like this idea.  Prime candidate for a little extra ‘Eventide touch’.  I’ve been burning some brain cells on how all of those individual parameters could fit inside the 10 ‘knob’ paradigm.  It’d certainly have to compromise something; somewhere.  Maybe a spread of fixed pan positions, and no inline filters.

If all six seconds of delay memory were available, that would still break down to 750 ms. per ‘tap’.  Perhaps some minimal band-limiting ‘magic’ a la looper could stretch it to 1.5 seconds, or thereabouts.  Two knobs of 4 taps for overall delay time.  Two knobs of ‘patterns’ (think HarPeggiator) for each set of 4 tap levels.  Two controls for the kinds of combined feedback types we’ve seen lately.

The remaining four parameters … Somehow, you’d have to shoehorn in modulation speed(s), depth(s), waveform(s), sync or phase offset among LFOs.  And that’s considering the wet/dry and relative delay levels are handled elsewhere.  I don’t know what the DSP requirements would be for 8 programmable LFOs.  Maybe a set of quadrature LFOs?  (I’m getting impractical / greedy, but that makes me think barberpole flanging).

I’d love to see how the ‘page 2’ routing would be presented under the H9 Control app.  surprise