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nickrose wrote:

You don’t say what pedal you are using, so I will reply for an H9.

The manual does not say, but following “TAP” in the destination list you will find “EXP”, which is the expression pedal. How do I map the Midi pedal CC messages to do the same thing?  Si a mapping to a KB parameter or are you saying the EXP destination does that rather than a specific KB Paramter?

Don’t understand “What KB gives the “default” functionality?”.

Also don’t quite understand “Where do I find”, but you may find  H9 Algorithm Guide  useful.



Sorry – let me clarify.  I am using an H9.

When I plug a TRS expresssion pedal into the “EXP” jack on the H9 the pedal will do a default fucntion on each preset (sometimes nothing). 

My understaning is that you must map a CC to a KB which will caude the CC to control that parameter.  How do I know what, say KB6 maps to on each algo? (are they just 1-10 on the Algo guide?)