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I have an H9 that I was going to add a few more algorythms to. I have had no previous issues with it functioning or syncing properly before (owned it going on roughly four months now maybe less) till today… It could not sync for some reason with the H9 control program and the message said to “power it down  then hold the preset button down while powering it back up” to fix the issue. It has been almost two hours of (doing WHATEVER it’s doing) and no signs of stopping this endless loop of ???. Called EVENTIDE direct to see if this was normal… HA HA HA HA yeah right, good luck getting through that way. My second H9 is literally on the way in the mail from GC (funny huh? my first one takes a dump at JUST the right time) and based on the endless issues i read basically everywhere (including youtube, haters maybe? who knows…) on EVENTIDE products (noisy etc. and and there responce is, “OH WELL, WHEN YOU MAKE THIS MANY, A FEW BAD ONES ARE BOUND TO POP UP” is NOT an acceptable response. i noticed when a previous poster informed them it was out of warranty, they “suddenly got silent”… HMMM…  If a company ESPECIALLY one SELLING HI END EQUIPMENT has KNOW ISSUES with ANYTHING they make,  they should fix it, regardless of warranty to the original purchaser. I plan on sending the second one back before i even open the box and selling the one I have now unless it TOO is bricked. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses…