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Is there a big learning curve?

There is a learning curve for using midi, but it depends per person and on what you want to do with midi. I’am using midi since the early nineties and have learned a lot since. If you only want to control one or two H9’s and tinker with them live, connect them by bluetooth and use the H9 control app. That way you do not need a mi.1.

And how do you feel about the H9’s?

I bought my first H9 early 2014 and allmost retutned it. Most of the default presets were (and are) totally over the top and not usable for me. But after tinkering with the presets I fel in love with the unit although my love has diminished over time. The sound quality is great, but with later firmware versions Eventide cut down on midi processing time and that has had a great effect on my system. I can’t use my H9’s as in the beginning and that annoys me.


If you play experimental music tinkering live could be fun, but I never felt the need for it. All my sounds are programmed very carefully and that’s the way I like it…