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Chalky wrote:


I'm trying to get a decent touch (or auto) wah  patch set up; there are several presets that come close, except that when I use these with a high gain tone they suck the tone out and it sounds feeble. At first I thought that this was because I have the H9 in the loop instead of at the front end of the pedalboard, and so reasoned that Q Wah should work because it's basically a modulation effect (phaser)… but no, same thing. 

What I am tring to emulate is my old Boss AW3, Touch wah / Auto-Wah.

Any ideas? 



If you're on an H9, you can do this with Sculpt and it should preserve tone better b/c it uses peaking filters instead of bandpass.  But for QWah (On Modfactor or H9) you might want to try the BASSWAH or BASSVOC settings.  Those use resonant lowpass filters to preserve the low end instead of the bandpasses, which might be contribuiting to the tonesuck you are hearing.