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bbarteldt wrote:

Hi folks– New to the H9. Laying out the mother of all pedalboards. I'm getting an H9 Max & and H9 Core and am considering how to control both separately with a single expression pedal (Mission Engineering Inc SP-H9). I am considering an TRS A/B box to switch between the two H9s. I assume that won't be a problem, please advise if otherwise. Now, the question is: What about an A/B/Y box, such that I could control either H9 or BOTH simultaneously? I am considering an A/B/Y box made by American Loopers (https://reverb.com/item/4201234-2-way-expression-splitter-selector-control-two-expression-pedals-at-once-or-just-one) but they encourage checking with the pedal's manufacturer to see if it's ok to combine the expression signal patch with a different pedal. Specifically, they state, "This is a simple TRS signal splitter, there is no voltage regulators of any kind. While this A/B/Y box can be used with with expression pedals, it will be up to you to check with the manufacturer of your pedal for the intended use." If anyone out there has experience/knowledge with this, I'd appreciate your input. Thank you.

You can always just chain the H9s with MIDI and transmit the expression pedal over a MIDI CC.  I do this in my rig, one expression, two H9s, works pretty well.