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strayhorse45 wrote:

When was it ever said that an Android app would be coming soon? Did you not do your due diligence and study the options for this amazing piece of gear when you purchased it? IF you knew it was an iOs device only when you purchased it, who is to blame? You bought an aamazing, game-changing piece of gear, and now you are upset because it hasn’t sprouted the color wings you wanted? Get a grip! My Max has chnaged the entire game for me. I bought an Ipad, (I guess this is a novel concept). I now carry two amps and a mixer, all to support what this amazing little box does, The world doesn’t owe you anything, and neither does Eventide. Grow up already!

As I said in my comment on this thread a while ago, it said it on page 2 of the orginal manual.