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This thread is just about due for my annual necro-bump.  Although I have full MIDI control, I find myself relying on these “two switch” H9 presets often.  Simplicity.  One word of caution:  They put a lot of repetitive wear ‘n’ tear on the H9 switches.  It might be best to assign at least the Active switch to an external Aux switch (as it covers Rec, Play, Dub).  And the “optional” expression pedal is just about mandatory for modifying captured grains.

Often overlooked:  After initial REC, any saved setting of the RESOLUTION parameter will revert to OCTAVES.  This is by design.  It’s a good idea to have easy access to RESOLUTION (X, Y, Z in Expert Mode; external MIDI, a fast HotKnob hand).  In these presets, that allows for finer control with the expression pedal – upward / downward pitch & time shifts.

All of the preset variations above have the ‘grains’ mixed further to the background.  For near-total destruction of your input, save the preset with the MIX at 100.  I say “near-total”, because a tiny bit of dry signal can still leak through.  Nothing too obtrusive, and a slight advantage in some “PreRecord Looper” and one-shot presets that I’ve put together.

Slight tweaks of MAX-LENGTH completely change the character of recording & playback.  A 1/2 second maximum is just about enough to mimic a multi-tap delay; adding features like pitch change & delay length variations.  That’s also long enough to punch in small additions to the repeating ‘taps’, or replace the taps quickly with a 1/2 second silent overdub.