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Continuing on the unique effects of the Looper-As-Delay theme …  this is one of my favorite approaches.  Take advantage of the loop reverse features, to go beyond Space Station XP-300 FX.  You might want to actually keep the initial [REC] phrase looping this time, until you’re ready for control over sample direction.

The initial [REC] will immediately playback in reverse, thanks to PLAYMODE set to REV-DIRECTION.  So – when you’re ready for the delay & DECAY – it’ll only be one additional single tap on the left footswitch.

MAX-LENGTH is lengthened to 2.00 Secs, for more apparent directional shifts.  DECAY: fixed at 75.  RESOLUTION can stay at the default OCTAVES.  MIX is backed up to 25, as this effect can easily take over your input.

Expression Pedal Heel:  REC-SPEED -2x   (PLAYSPEED – 200)

Expression Pedal Toe:   REC-SPEED  2x   (PLAY-SPEED  200)

All of the delay manipulation takes place in the PLAYSPEED assignment.  Pushing from Heel, the ‘delays’ will shift down in pitch, pause, then shift back up in pitch, but now play back in a reverse direction.

At either extreme position of the expression pedal, the 2 second delay will fade out normally.  Swap the pedal travel to the opposite extreme, and those delays will play back reversed.  Heel-Toe-Heel-Toe … Both the forward & reverse motions are mixed & DECAY in near real time; creating a constantly evolving landscape.