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You might end up preferring the Looper’s reverse delays over the standard Reverse & Crystal algorithms.  It’s easy to get a long, smooth, backwards echo that builds up gradually, with a sudden crescendo to silence.  The one-shot sample will remain available to a left footswitch tap, until it’s overwritten.

Try hitting the left footswitch [REC], and simultaneously strumming a thick chord.  Hold that chord, and let it decay naturally.  After 8 Beats, [REC] will stop.  The  chord will be stored as a ‘one-shot’ sample.  Hitting the left footswitch a second time will play back the sample, in reverse [REC-SPEED -2X  PLAYSPEED -200].

There’s a strangely logical behavior to the MIX control here:

Expression Pedal Heel:  MIX  50

Expression Pedal Toe:   MIX  100

At Heel, it’s equal parts of input playing and one-shot playback.  Push the expression pedal to Toe for the processed sample only.  But … the live input will stay muted for only as long as the sample is playing back. Once it stops, the live input becomes audible again; even with MIX set at 100% wet.