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You can take that same ‘backwards echo’ preset, and turn the one-shot sample forwards [REC-SPEED 2X  –  PLAY_SPEED 200].  The advantage here is that the one-shot can be ‘gated’ by the [REC] process itself.  Strum that chord, hit the left footswitch [REC], and allow the 1 second record time to truncate its decay.

The REPL-PUNCH setting in DUBMODE will ‘chop’ into the one-shot sample with silent input (double-tapping on the left footswitch).  Or, you can dub in very short additional notes for combined one-shot playback.

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-LENGTH  1.000 Secs

Expression Pedal Toe:    PLY-LENGTH  0.125 Secs

At the Heel, the expression pedal holds the one-shot sample to its default length.  The overall sample playback length will get shorter & shorter, as the pedal travels towards Toe.  Another source of ‘chopped’ variations.