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With something as distinctive as a Count to 5, or Particle … that’s going to be difficult to replace.  But I think that the edge goes to the H9 on hands-free control & programmability.  If you consider the dozens of algorithms capable of granular-type FX, you have to give Eventide the versatility points, too.  With no waiting list.

I’m in the process of compiling these short loop presets into a Preset List, or two.  But there are hundreds of base presets, and a Mandelbrot Set of variations under each.  An H9 algorithm always provides enough range to really ‘hurt yourself’.  There’ll always be a way to make a bog-standard effect into something unusual.

This preset sets up an ambient room space at default; using a 0.07 Sec MAX-LENGTH, with a healthy amount of DECAY.  A quick double-tap of the left footswitch will get you into a DUBMODE LATCH.  Better if you tap once, switch the RESOLUTION from OCTAVES to SMOOTH, then tap a second time when you’re ready.

Expression Pedal Heel:  MIX  15  REC-SPEED 1/4x (PLAYSPEED 20)      DECAY 75

Expression Pedal Toe:    MIX  35  REC-SPEED  2x   (PLAY-SPEED  200)  DECAY  25

The expression pedal mapping warbles the pitch of that ‘room’, by changing the length of the sampled reflection. DECAY is decreased to compensate for that.  MIX is increased slightly to accentuate the unique pitch flutters.