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This preset carves a number of sampled chunks out of a four-second recording.  Tap the left footswitch [REC], while recording a fairly busy phrase.  A whole sample will AUTOPLAY back immediately, until the expression pedal is ‘recognized’.  (You can tap the right footswitch to pause it, hold it in memory for the next PLAY).

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-START  0.000 Secs  PLY-LENGTH  0.250 Secs  REC-SPEED 1/2x (PLAYSPEED 50)

Expression Pedal Toe:    PLY-START  3.750 Secs  PLY-LENGTH  0.250 Secs  REC-SPEED  2x   (PLAY-SPEED 200)

The expression pedal travel sweeps through small ‘windows’ of the entire recorded sample , while increasing the PLAY-SPEED.  Tapping the left footswitch to Dub, REPL-PUNCH will only overwrite the current sample window. The position of the expression pedal determines which sample ‘chunk’ will be replaced.