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Eventide Staff
densom wrote:

Hi, I am considering purchase of an Eventide Space. I would only use it at line level with mixer inserts or AUX sends.

When set to 'line', what is the nominal level of inputs and outputs for Eventide Space? +4dBu or –10dBV? Or something else?

What is the maximum input level before clipping occurs inside Space?

What is the maximum output level of Space?


Looking at my Space, in line level mode, it clips at about 13dBu (10.8 dBV). It has unity gain, so the output is the same as the input.

So, a nominal level of +4dBu would give you 9dB of headroom – depends on how much you want.

There is a soft clipper, so it will tolerate higher input levels with some distortion.