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antpb wrote:


I've been using the demo to see how it jives with Renoise. I'm noticing a lot of weird quirks around the plugin. I noticed that Renoise isnt a supported DAW so that's probably why, but when exporting a track, it seems to cut out the audio completely and only every once in a while is an export successful.

On one occassion the wav file was fine until half way through the track, when everything went quiet. haha

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I notice it more when using DirectSound drivers but it also happens less frequently with ASIO and ASIO4all. 

Am I the only one seeing this?

WIN 10 / Renoise / Saffire Pro 14 audio

That's super weird, but as you say, we don't test against Renoise by default.  I'll try to grab a demo of it and try it.  Have you had a similar problem with any other Eventide plug-ins?  Do you have a similar problem with EQuivocate?