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The next few Looper presets aren’t exactly ‘granular’, but derive the grains from external technique.

You can use an expression pedal, but with these … it’s best to map an Aux switch to ‘Set expression pedal value (AKA HotSwitch value)’ – H9 Control app.  You can also set this up in the H9 pedal itself [AUX system settings].  It’ll snap between the two extreme Heel & Toe positions, with a momentary action.

Hit [REC], and input a 10-second phrase.  While the recording will AUTOPLAY back, you won’t hear anything but subsequent live playing.  Actually, you’ll hear a faint ‘ghost’ of the recording.  The MIX parameter defaults to 0.

Expression Pedal Heel:  MIX  0

Expression Pedal Heel:  MIX  100

Tapping at the Aux switch / EXP control will slide in fragments of your pre-recording, while muting any current input.  It’s enough to give the impression of random notes punching through your current phrasing.

Hit the left footswitch to Dub, and it will latch another layer that replaces your original recording.  This will happen ‘in the background’; unaffected by the current MIX position [100% dry, or 100% wet].  Be sure to switch back from Dub to Play for any extended silence (or the hidden recording can be completely overwritten).