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More ‘granular by technique’ presets.  Again, based on using the “2-switch” H9, with an external Aux-To-Exp switch [Set expression pedal value (AKA HotSwitch value)].  An expression pedal works, as an alternate.

Left footswitch tap to [REC] a one-measure phrase, with immediate looping playback.  Tap & release the left footswitch repeatedly, to REPL-PUNCH holes & notes into the original loop.  The Aux-To-Exp switch doubles the pitch, while limiting the loop to the 1st half of the recorded measure.

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-LENGTH  4.0 BEATS  REC-SPEED  1x (PLAYSPEED 100)

Expression Pedal Toe:    PLY-LENGTH  2.0 BEATS  REC-SPEED  2x   (PLAY-SPEED 200)


Same concept, opposite direction.  Stir in unusual time signatures, and all Hell breaks loose.  I believe some of that chaos is unintentional programming, so that makes it even better for random behavior.  Hit the left footswitch to [REC] 7.0 BEATS.  Hey, sometimes it shows 8.0 BEATS.  Sometimes 6.0 BEATS.  It’ll settle down …

Now, it won’t AUTOPLAY back.  I don’t know why.  Just hit the left footswitch a 2nd time, to play back.  This preset is set up to LATCH between PLAY and DUBMODE with left switching.  I folded in a DECAY parameter of 50, for cleanup purposes.  The recorded phrasing can get quite dense & busy.  The fadeout can be ‘frozen’ in PLAY.

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-LENGTH  7.0 BEATS  REC-SPEED  1x (PLAYSPEED 100)

Expression Pedal Toe:    PLY-LENGTH  3.0 BEATS  REC-SPEED  1/2x   (PLAY-SPEED 50)

In either of these two presets, any Dub – with the Aux-To-Exp switch engaged – will transpose your Dub on release of that switch.  In the PITCH DOUBLECHOP preset, that’s a little difficult (holding down two switches).  In this HALF CHOP METERS preset, the Dub will LATCH.  It leaves you free for the expression pedal mapping. Again, there’s some timing involved to catch the Dub just right, and prevent the LATCH from DECAY to silence.

The Aux-To-Exp switch drops the PLY-LENGTH to 3.0 BEATS.  It also drops the recorded pitch by an octave, and transposes any Dub up an octave on release.  It’s also possible to engage Aux-To-Exp after the 3.0 BEAT point, and have it dropping pitch for the 4.0 to 7.0 BEAT.  Or, sometimes, 2.0 BEATS.  Ending at 6.0 BEATS …