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brock wrote:

MIDI Sync the two units together.  One cable.  Probably with the ‘Brute as the ‘master’, and the H9 as ‘slave’.  You’ll thank me later.  The arpeggiator, all rates on any algo, LFOs on both ends … synchronized together.  MIDI control is another giant ‘rabbit hole’ to dive into, but sync is the barest essential.

Thanks for this tip Brock. Never thought of syncing my MiniBrute with the H9. Can work nicely for syncing up the H9 delays to the arpeggator ot the MiniBrute. I will do so in the next few days. Any special settings to be made on the H9? Or will just plugin in the midi out to the midi in of the H9 do the job?

As for effects. All analog synths sound great with delay and reverb, maybe also try some chorus. Spacetime will be nice for sure. And don’t forget the pitch shifters for mono synths. Lots of options. Just received an MFB Dominion 1 synth today. Probably a step up from the MiniBrute. But I still love love the MiniBrute because it is so user friendly and simple and it sounds good and is inspiring.