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The first preset here configures the looper as a tap tempo delay line.  Tap the left footswitch to begin, then tap it a 2nd time to set the PLY-LENGTH of delay.  Tap it a 3rd time to kick in DECAY [DUBMODE].

Effectively, it’s a triple-tap on the left footswitch (and a triple-tap on the right footswitch to EMPTY the loop).  Set it to 12.00 Secs for HD fidelity, but the actual delay time will be the elapsed time between the 1st & 2nd left switch taps.  Carve out any delay length, up to the full 12 seconds.

I didn’t map the expression pedal for this base preset.  Tweak the DECAY parameter relative to the PLY-LENGTH. FILTER doesn’t appear to be in the DECAY feedback loop, so it will affect all of the Dub regeneration equally.

So, why set up a tap tempo delay in the Looper, when it’s so much easier in many other H9 algorithms?  There are effects in the Looper that you can’t get anywhere else.  This second preset builds on the same concept as the first:  Triple-tap LEFT for delay – triple-tap RIGHT to reset.  Switch over to MIDI, with a MAX-LENGTH of 16 BEATS. Decrease DECAY, and (most importantly), dial the PLAYMODE over to REV-DIRECTION.

Expression Pedal Heel:  REC-SPEED    1/4x  (PLAYSPEED  25)

Expression Pedal Toe:    REC-SPEED  -1/2x  (PLAYSPEED -50)


Record in four measures of input; maybe chords on the downbeats.  Congratulations – standard phrase recording.  It will play back immediately, although rather lo-fi, with REC-SPEED at 1/4x.  Hey, this is the “Granular Capture” series, and it’s got a bit-reduced, undersampled flavor.

The whole key to this preset lies in the live manipulation by expression pedal.  The upper thirds of EXP PED travel reverse the playback, or reverse the sample + raise it an octave + halve the total length.  It gets better with Dub engaged (another tap on the left footswitch).

DECAY is introduced, to help weed out the eventual “Crayola Effect”.  Playback can be PAUSED.  So the sample can now be actively ‘stuttered’ in the lower third of EXP PED travel, and/or reversed.  Anything that’s Dubbed in a reverse mode will play back reversed when the direction changes again.  Octave shifts and length manipulation are still available in the upper third, and all of this contained within a wah-wah-like foot motion.

It’s kind of amazing how this all stays in sync, through pauses, reverses, & octave/rate changes.  It leads to very interactive & creative possibilities.  I don’t know of any other ‘delay’ pedal that can produce the kind of live manipulations you’ll find in this configuration.  It’s my new favorite preset in this entire ‘Granular’ exercise.