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mkravit wrote:

In my mind, Eventide is not stepping up to the plate to resolve this issue. They just say the same thing about reading their Bluetooth issue faqs.

Well, you have to keep in mind that we're using Apple's recommended Bluetooth chip, and it's Apple's OS that isn't finding the Bluetooth chip when you scan for it.  Our own hardware, the H9, and our software app, H9 Control, aren't involved in anything that's happening at that level.  The discovery and pairing is handled by the firmware of both Bluetooth chip's microcontrollers.

What we can do and what we have suggested to other people who've experienced this problem is we've asked them to create a log of their Bluetooth chips activity so that we can submit it in a bug report to Apple.  If you can do so, please email me the log at my username plus @eventide.com.  The Bluetooth logs are quite large.  So, you'll need to use a free service like wetransfer.com to send it.

Here are Apple's instructions for creating such a log:

Bluetooth Logs For issues with Bluetooth on macOS, please follow the instructions below to gather logging.

1. Execute this command in Terminal.app (/Applications/Utilities/) while the issue is occurring:

sudo /System/Library/Frameworks/IOBluetooth.framework/Resources/BluetoothReporter

(Be patient. This command will take around five minutes to execute.)

2. Attach the BluetoothReporter diagnostics .zip archive that will be found on the Desktop to your bug report.