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polyexpressive wrote:

I’m making a MIDI foot controller (Poly Expressive, currently on Kickstarter) …

What a killer concept.  Not unlike a ROLI, or LinnStrument, for your feet.  Maintaining all of those templates is going to be a challenge.  There will a route for creating from a generic programming template, I’m guessing.

polyexpressive wrote:
… and I’m wondering what people think is missing with existing controllers and what features you’d want in a MIDI controller. Our big difference is it’s position and pressure sensitive so you can control multiple parameters at once.

Triggered events.  A momentary tap, that will trigger a macro series of control values.  Extending the taper / curve features.  Here & there, you’ll find LFOs, step sequencers, or ramping control featured in a device; usually with limited options.  They’re all really the same thing:  variable amounts of smoothing, waveform shape, plus the length & number of cycles.  A universal triggered event series, with variable curvature, and a “repeat” count, 0 – INF.  I think it’d be a unique & useful addition, and not as esoteric as it might seem to be.