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ericdano wrote:

Yet there is an option in the H9 for Midi over Bluetooth…….why is that there then if it doesn't work?

I just want SOME other program to be able to send a midi command to the H9 via Bluetooth. Since the option is in the Pedal Settings, and it specifically says "Midi Over Bluetooth" I would assume it is possible. So what exactly does it do then if you enable it? Nothing? It's just a dummy option then?

That options there in case you want to control the H9 with a MIDI device attached to iOS as a MIDI device.  For example you can connect a BlueBoard to your iOS device and send it's MIDI messages to the H9 through H9 Control.

We did try to do what you want a few years ago.  We allowed users to have H9 Control create a virtual MIDI port and you could have an app like ForScore send MIDI to the H9 through this virtual MIDI port.  The problem was that having the app run in the background caused problems with the Bluetooth connectivity.  iOS just isn't designed to allow you to have apps in the background with active connections to Bluetooth devices.  So, it didn't work as expected and it caused a fair amount of Bluetooth connectivity issues.  So, we had to give up on that feature.